Kentucky Spring Premier Horse Show

April 11-13, 2019













Attire of the rider: Jodhpurs, vests, tie and long sleeved shirt, with riding boots and gloves.  Hair should be neatly held back so that the back number is visible.  Riding suits and hats are prohibited.  Protective headgear is strongly encouraged.

Equipment for the horse: School bridles, double or full bridles with running martingales and German martingales are all permissible along with appropriate saddle for the division being judged.  Any protective equipment (shin boots, knee boots, rundowns, saddle pads, etc) will be permitted.  Blunt spurs are optional at the discretion of the instructor.  No braiding of the horse; hoof blacking is optional.  Training devices such as chains, stretchers, and blinkers are NOT allowed in the warm up ring or the show ring.

Class Divisions and Judging Criteria:  There should be two main divisions – Equitation which is to be judged on basic seat, hands and form, along with effective control of the horse.  Pleasure classes to be judged on showmanship, ring generalship and presentation of the horse to its best ability.  Correct diagonals are not to be judged in the pleasure classes.  Classes should be further divided into walk/trot and age divisions.

Rider Eligibility:  A rider is no longer eligible for the academy division if he/she has shown, dressed in a riding suit in a regular horse show class; with the exception of competing in a 4-H Horse Show.  This applies to riders that compete in a suit in the walk/trot division – they cannot then compete in the walk/trot/canter academy division.

Horse Eligibility:  A horse that is used in an academy competition can be farm or privately owned and must earn its living in a lesson program.  It cannot be maintained in training within the current show season.

Cross Entering: Academy horses (with different riders) are permitted to cross enter in regular classes of a show as long as they meet the academy criteria.  If an academy rider competes in a regular class at a show he/she is ineligible for further competition in the academy division.